Glycon QSO-Quick Shut Off Non Return Valves

Glycon offers a complete line of injection-molding shut-off valves

    From conventional three- and four-piece sliding ring check valves, to floating-ball valves, to the unique Quick Shut Off (QSO) Valve, Glycon has a shut-off valve to suit any material, any molding machine and any budget. For more detailed information, click the links below.

    In injection molding, you need two things from a non-return valve: rapid material shut off for part weight consistency; and a smooth, high-flow profile to prevent material degradation.

    The QSO valve from Glycon gives you both. And that means higher quality parts, fewer rejects, improved yield, and a better return on every pound of material you run.

Glycon QSO - Quick Shut Off Valves, Conventional Valves

QSO Valve (patent number 5,097,864)

To download the data sheet, click here
To download QSO article, click here


Conventional Valves, Check & Ring Valves

    Glycon offers a variety of valve designs to meet the needs of every plastics processing application from sliding ring valves to ball check valves. We also supply end-caps for all machine designs.

    State of the art machining and grinding equipment allows us to provide for you the highest standards of quality and cost effectiveness.

    Glycon engineers have proven their expertise in designing components for plastic machinery, and are able to respond rapidly to special screw tip requirements. We can assist you in design and cost reduction to your product line.


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