QSO Quick Shut-Off Valve




Compared to traditional ball and ring check valves, only the QSO valve delivers both high flow and quick shut-off. Molders prefer the QSO...


• Ends short shots!

• Reduces scrap rates

• Part weight consistency

• Prevents material degradation

• Excellent for filled materials

• Eliminates need for decompression or “suck back”

• Smooth material flow path

• Long lasting and durable

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Not A Ball Check; Not A Ring Valve...The Proof Is In THE POPPET!



Best Valve Overall

With most non-return valves, there’s a trade-off: you get an open, low-shear material flow path like you find in a free flow ring valve OR you get the rapid valve actuation of a ball check.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative design that totally eliminates the need to compromise: the QSO® Quick Shut-Off Poppet Valve from Glycon.


Fast and Consistent

Quick Shut-Off. It’s all in the Poppet. Without sacrificing the generous flow-paths of a free-flow valve, the popped provides a more positive shut-off mechanism than even a ball check.


High Wear

The QSO eliminates the wear mechanisms that create so many problems with floating ring valves. Ask about our special “High Wear” QSO with a replaceable seat to see if it’s right for your application.



The patented QSO design consists of the valve body (1.), the internal poppet (2.), and a threaded retaining ring (3.), all made from high quality heat treated and nitrided tool steel. Precision grinding of the valve seating surfaces reduces friction on mating surfaces and all interior surfaces are highly polished for smoothplastic flow. The QSO valve is built for long life and durability.

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In injection molding, you need two things from a non-return valve: rapid material shut off for part weight consistency; and a smooth, high-flow profile...to prevent material degradation.

The QSO valve from Glycon gives you both. And that means higher quality parts, fewer rejects, improved yield, and a better return, on every pound of material you run.



Download the QSO data sheet here

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