General Purpose Feed Screws


Single Flighted Conventional Screw, GP Screws, & Mixing Feed Screws


    For those applications that require a General Purpose Screw, or what is sometimes referred to as a Single Flighted Conventional Screw, Glycon has what you need. A General Purpose Screw design may be required when processing materials with high levels of fillers or those that require low melt temperatures or have a tendency to produce specking or streaking related contaminants.

    If the situation requires it, and when such a screw is necessary, Glycon has developed specific designs that provide the optimal compression ratios, channel volume and surface treatments necessary to process those materials most efficiently. Don’t let the name General Purpose Screw deceive you. Even the most simple looking designs have been tailored for specific material requirements and merely replacing one General Purpose Screw with another without taking into account the design and the material(s) to be run can lead to processing nightmares.

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