Field Services - Feed Screw Removal, Installation, Monitoring & more

Keep your equipment running like new

Field Services - Screw Removal, Installation, Monitoring & more    The major plastics processes — injection molding, extrusion and blowmolding — rely on efficient screw-plastication for end-product quality, and for efficiency and profitability of production. The performance of the screw, the barrel and other specialized plasticating components is linked to the operating condition of these components and, ultimately, to how they are monitored and maintained. The plastics processor who takes maintenance seriously will produce better product, more profitably, than the processor who doesn’t.

Barrel Alignment, Laser Alignment, Inspection Wear Measurement, Feed Throat Evaluation & more

Let a Glycon Field Service technician show you how you can anticipate trouble, diagnose problems and make the necessary adjustments before performance and profitability are affected..

Glycon has the programs and the people in place to help you keep your equipment running like new

  • Screw Removal
  • Screw & Barrel Installation
  • Wear Monitoring/Analysis
  • Bore Gauging
  • Laser Alignment
  • Machine Optimization
  • Feed Throat Evaluation

10-Point Field Service Program

Inevitably, the plasticating unit on any machine will degrade. Abrasive material can wear away at components. Foreign objects can damage them. Corrosion can attack unprotected surfaces. Unless this damage is monitored and controlled, its effect can be costly, in terms of reduced output, higher energy use, poor product quality and machine downtime. What can you do about it? Call Glycon. Our 10-Step Field Service Program can:

1. Set Up a preventive maintenance program. We work with you and analyze your PM needs and design a program tailored to your machines, your plant and specific company objectives.

2. Schedule quarterly or annual maintenance inspections so we stay ahead of wear.

3. Measure key components and compare dimensions to OEM specs. Watching these measurements over time and relating them to processing performance allows us to anticipate the need for screw and barrel maintenance.

4. Bore gauge the barrel. Wear that occurs deep inside the barrel is difficult to track without taking physical measurements.

5. Install new components. Whether part of a new installation or an upgrade of existing equipment, Glycon experts ensure that all meltstream components are properly fitted and aligned.

6. Dimension new and existing components. Just where is that screw drawing? We can make sure all your records are up-to-date and ready for the unexpected.

7. Support is just a phone call away. When you see something that doesn’t make sense, give us a call. Chances are, we’ve seen it before and know just what to do.

8. Optimize machine set-up and operation. Why tie up profitable production equipment in time-consuming runoffs and trials? Use the Glycon processing lab to optimize performance before production begins.

9. Inventory spare parts. We’ve got you covered, even in emergency situations. Let Glycon stock critical components for you, so you can save space, save money and still be ready for anything.

10. Laser Alignment to ensure proper machine positioning. Misaligned machine components can cause metal-to-metal contact that leads to adhesive wear and galling.

Ask a Glycon representative for details on how we can put together a preventive maintenance program that will fit within your production schedule and your budget.

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