feed throats housings - end caps - nozzle adapters - feed screws - non return valves - tie bar rod
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Welcome to Glycon - Innovator of Manufacturing Design

Manufacturer of Feedscrews, Mixing & Melting Screws, Barrier Screws & Barrels 

       Celebrating over 35 years in business, Glycon is an innovator in the design and manufacturing of feed screws, barrels, non-return valves, tie bars and other melt stream solutions for injection molding, extrusion and blowmolding. With a unique combination of standard products and custom engineering capabilities, Glycon helps plastics processors increase material throughput, shorten cycle time, improve mixing of color and additives, and generally enhance product quality and plant productivity.


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Feed screw manufacturing leader of injection / extrusion / blowmolding screws, barrier screws, feedscrew rebuilding, feed throats & housings. (800) 255-9969
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